Note: This post is adapted from an email I sent out today (3/8/18) so if you happened to have read that email, feel free to skip this…

Music is a weird industry.

Growing up, there was always something magic to me about music ?


Almost…supernatural ?

It seemed like successful artists, producers and musicians had some kind of super power that the rest of us regular people didn’t have.

They lived life like rockstars.

They made the music that was the soundtrack to our lives.

Sure, I tried making music as a kid, but it didn’t seem like what I was doing was even in the same category as what those superstars were doing.

They made magic ?

I think most of us grow up feeling that way.

Even if you always felt you were going to be successful in the music industry, I bet some part of you felt like there was some magical ingredient you still needed to figure out.

As I grew up and got better at making songs, some of that mystery lifted for me.

But it wasn’t until I changed my the way I thought about music that I was able to make a living doing it ⚡

The thing is…music is not magical ?

It’s a business.

It’s an industry.

Selling music is just like selling any other product ?

But music disguises itself as something more magic.

Don’t believe the hype!

To be successful in music, you need to apply the same principles, strategies and hard work that it takes to be successful in any industry.

Your creative process for making music is one thing. You’re good at making music. You have talent.

But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

What I’m talking about is what happens after you make your music (AKA your product).

Oh and I hate to break it to you, but your music is just a product.

Actually, it’s even deeper than that.

YOU are a product. And as an artist, you’re in the business of selling YOU.

And you need to package, promote and run YOU the same way you would any other business that you want to be successful.

Once I truly realized this, that’s when I started being successful ?

So now that you’re thinking of yourself as a business…

Here’s one thing smart businesses do:

They test things out before making any big spending decision.

That’s why I’m recommending you DON'T buy the most expensive thing we sell: exclusive rights to our best beats.

This is going to hurt me, and I know it’s going to make some of the other producers out there upset as well, but I value our long term working relationship more than a quick buck.

In the past, the only way to get our best beats – without any limitations on how successful you be with them – was to buy the exclusive rights.

And our best beats are around $2,000 for the exclusive rights. Some are more ???

But that’s changing today.

We’re now offering UNLIMITED RIGHTS non-exclusive licenses for just $199 ?

And, to celebrate this new milestone, for the next 3 days only, unlimited licenses are BUY 1, get 2 FREE ??

That means you can get 3 UNLIMITED licenses for for $199 ???

Crazy, right?

CLICK HERE to head over to our homepage now and select 3 unlimited licenses. When you hit the checkout button, the discount will automatically be applied.

Don't procrastinate tho. This offer expires this Saturday, March 10 at midnight ⏳

With unlimited licenses, you have no limits on how much money you can make, how many radio stations the songs can play on, and you can MONETIZE your songs on Youtube – something you can’t do with any of our non-exclusive licenses.

So instead of putting thousands of dollars down on one of our beats, I want you to save that money and test out several songs.

Do what smart businesses do…test out several ideas (songs in your case) and then put your time, money and other resources into the song that gets the best reaction.



Once I really embraced the idea that music is just like any other business, I started learning as much as I could about marketing and how to create a successful brand.

I’ve spent a lot of money on marketing courses and books.

But, I actually learned an extremely powerful lesson about success when a business told me NOT to buy their $2000 product.

I’ll tell you that story tomorrow.

Even though $199 for unlimited rights to 3 beats is an incredible discount, it may not be what you need right now.

So who shouldn’t take advantage of this deal?

1. If you are struggling to put food on the table for yourself or your family, save your money. There are more important things you need to worry about.

2. If you know you’re definitely not going to hit any of the limitations of our cheaper licenses (you can get a basic license for just $29.99) then you really don’t’ need this. You should only get this if you think you have a chance of going over those limits. With a basic license, you’re allowed 5,0000 streams. If you’ve never gotten that many streams before and you’re not trying anything new to promote it, stick with the basic license instead.

So if you fall into one of those 2 categories above, skip this deal.

Either way, I still recommend you read the article I’m gonna post up tomorrow. 

It has an important lesson you can apply to your music career.