What are you working on right now? ?

Is it an album? Is it some beats? Is it a podcast?  A business? ?

Whatever you've been sitting on, I want give you permission to put it out right now! ?

Once you put it out to your audience, you’ll receive some feedback. ?

Then, next time you repeat the process, your product will be better! ?

That's why we're able to put out content every day. ?

You'll notice every day we're putting out a beat, we're putting out a video. We've got a new business idea that we're trying. We've got a new business that we're trying (midimoney.com). ?

The secret is that nothing we put out is perfect because nothing can be perfect. ?

We put it out, we see what works, we keep doing that. If it doesn't work, then we try something else. ⚡️

So, whatever you're working on, go ahead and put it out. ?

Do me a favor. Write down the current project that you’re sitting on, and we're gonna hold you accountable. ?