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Note: This post is adapted from an email I sent out today (3/9/18) so if you happened to have read that email, feel free to skip this…

Wanna know why I'm able to make a living in the music industry?

Why I’ve gotten to work with some of the most talented and successful artists in the world, like Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Tech N9ne?

It's because I focus on the business of music.

The truth is, I spend about 80% of my time learning and implementing business & marketing strategies and about 20% of my time actually working on music.

(Note: if you're just starting out, you should spend a higher percentage of time on your craft. But…eventually you need to learn the business side)

I'm always learning. I buy a lot of books and online courses about business and marketing ?

And if you really want to be successful in music, I recommend you start thinking like a business first and an artist second.

I could rant on about that forever, but I won’t…

For now at least ?

Anyways, I really brought up the fact that I buy a lot of marketing books and courses because something weird happened to me once when I was looking at buying a $2000 marketing course from Russell Brunson.

(By the way, if you want to learn about marketing – and you should – there’s no one better to learn from than RussellClick here to get his book Expert Secrets)

I emailed Russell about his new $2000 “Funnel Hacks” course.

I had already bought an older version of a similar offer and I wanted to know what this new one contained that was different.

I figured he’d email back telling me to go ahead and buy, and sell me on all the new, awesome stuff I’d get.

But…instead, he told me to keep my money ?


He didn’t want my 2,000 bucks I was ready to send him?

Yep, he told me that since I already had the old version I would automatically get the update soon.

Crazy right?

But here’s the thing:

He could’ve gotten the quick cash, but I would have been disappointed once I figured out I didn’t need to spend the money.

Instead…now he has a customer for life. 

In fact, I’m going to fly out to Orlando soon to attend one of his live events.

To look at it from another perspective:
I’m going to end up spending more money with him over the years than I would have on that one product.

So why is this story relevant now?

Because it was part of the inspiration for offering a new, UNLIMITED non-exclusive licenses for our beats ???

When people have reached out to me in the past asking about exclusive rights, I’d tell them the price (maybe with a discount) and leave it up to them if they wanted to buy it or not.

For some artists, buying the exclusive rights for a beat was the right choice ?

But for some others, it probably wasn’t ?

Our best beats go for thousands of dollars for the exclusive rights ?

And the truth is – for a lot of artists that would mean they have no money left over for marketing.

That is, if they could even afford it in the first place.

So now…

I’m telling you NOT to give me thousands of dollars for the exclusive rights to our beats.

That’s right.

I’m turning away your money.

Instead – for the first time – we’re introducing a smarter, WAY less expensive option for you:
Unlimited Rights non-exclusive licenses for just $199.

With unlimited licenses, you have no limits on how much money you can make, how many radio stations the songs can play on, and you can MONETIZE your songs on Youtube – something you can’t do with any of our non-exclusive licenses.

And.. if you go to and select 3 unlimited licenses right now – you'll only pay for one ?

But…that offer expires tomorrow ⏳


These Unlimited Licenses mean you’ll get the benefits of exclusive rights at tiny fraction of the cost ?

I’m willing to make less money now to show you that I’m committed to your success.

That’s what Russell Brunson did for me and I’m taking notes from someone who’s in the top of their industry.

And…to be perfectly honest:

I’m hoping this strengthens our relationship, so that over the course of your career, you continue to work with Legion Beats and ultimately spend more money in the long run.

Just being honest here ?



Think about ways you can make short term sacrifices for the long term benefit of your customers (AKA your fans).

Maybe send a couple fans a link to download your music for free if they ask about how to buy it. Or send some fans some free merch just cuz they shouted you out. I guarantee they’ll love you for it, tell their friends, and be fans for life.

Even though $199 for unlimited rights to 3 beats is an incredible discount, it may not be what you need right now.

So who shouldn’t take advantage of this deal?

1. If you are struggling to put food on the table for yourself or your family, save your money. There are more important things you need to worry about.

2. If you know you’re definitely not going to hit any of the limitations of our cheaper licenses (you can get a basic license for just $29.99) then you really don’t need this.
You should only get this if you think you have a chance of going over those limits. With a basic license, you’re allowed 5,0000 streams. If you’ve never gotten that many streams before and you’re not trying anything new to promote it, stick with the basic license instead.

So if you fall into one of those 2 categories above, skip this deal.

Otherwise hit the link below and grab these while the offer is still up:

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