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Put It Out! | Motivational Video

What are you working on right now? ? Is it an album? Is it some beats? Is it a podcast?  A business? ? Whatever you've been sitting on, I want give you permission to put it out right now! ? Once you put it out to your audience, you’ll receive [...]


Expert Strategy to Sell Your Music: Flying Squirrel

I was traveling in Thailand not too long ago, and I learned a really important strategy to sell your music from a flying squirrel that I want to share with you ? I was on vacation in Thailand with my girlfriend, Luisa. Everywhere we'd go, they'd have these big markets, [...]


Build Your Own Movement with Your Music

 A box showed up at the studio yesterday. Inside was something that reminded me of how important it is to build your own movement with your music. We opened up the box and...this plaque was inside! We hit 1,000,000 plays on Beatstars thanks to you ? The Beatstars team sent us a plaque to commemorate [...]

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Last Day (Unlimited License Series 4/4)

Today is the last day to get 3 UNLIMITED RIGHTS non-exclusive licenses for the price of 1! Note: This post is adapted from an email I sent out today (3/10/18) so if you happened to have read that email, feel free to skip this… If you’ve read any of the last couple posts, you know that you [...]

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