I was traveling in Thailand not too long ago, and I learned a really important strategy to sell your music from a flying squirrel that I want to share with you ?

I was on vacation in Thailand with my girlfriend, Luisa.

Everywhere we'd go, they'd have these big markets, kinda like flea markets.???????

There's people selling food, clothes, etc, and a lot of them were selling the exact same things. ???????

The only way that they were able to compete with each other was either:
1. Make their price lower.
2. Be the loudest and most aggressive in trying to get potential customer to come over to them. ?????

This reminded me of of how people try to sell music.

We're all basically selling the same product, and we try to compete by either lowering the price, or spamming everyone. (ahem, this is for you guys that tag 100 Facebook friends every time you post)

OK, back to Thailand…

So we were at one of these markets, and there was probably a dozen or more people selling fried plantains, but there was one lady who was selling them that caught our eye. ???

On her table was a half coconut shell with one of those little drink umbrellas, and inside was a little flying squirrel.

It was adorable. So, of course, it caught Luisa's and my eye, and we went over there.

The lady at the stall said, ?

“Hey, for six bucks you can pet this little squirrel, take a picture with it, and you get some fried plantains.”

We took her up on it, because who wouldn't want to pet a flying squirrel and take a picture with it, right? ????

What was interesting is that she was charging more for fried plantains than anyone else at the market.

But… she had created an offer, and an experience around it. ???

She bundled the one product that she really wanted to sell—fried plantains—with a unique experience and turned it into something that was more valuable.

She didn't have to compete on price or by yelling.

Think about this for you. Whether if you're an artist, or a producer. If you're selling beats, or music. ???

If you're an artist… 
You can't compete by just throwing music out there. Instead, create an offer with multiple products and experiences that people can't get from anyone else. Maybe this is some kind of unique merchandise, or an experience at a show that's not the same as everyone else.

If you're a producer…
Think about how you can offer unique products and services. A lot of people make beats. But what can you offer and bundle together in a new way?

Basically, what's your flying squirrel? ?