Today is the last day to get
3 UNLIMITED RIGHTS non-exclusive licenses
for the price of 1!

Note: This post is adapted from an email I sent out today (3/10/18) so if you happened to have read that email, feel free to skip this…

If you’ve read any of the last couple posts, you know that you need to think of your music as a business.

Smart business owners invest in their businesses. And they do it in a strategic way.

They invest in different ideas. Then – only after they’ve tested them – they put all their resources behind what’s working.

You should do the same thing with your songs ?

Don’t spend all your resources (time, money, effort) on one song until you’ve tested several songs and seen what gets the best reaction.

Up until now, that’s been hard to do that with beats you get from The Legion ?

That’s my bad, and I’m changing how I do business so I can serve your needs better ?

All of our non-exclusive licenses in the past have had limitations on what you can do with your song – how many units you can sell, how many times it can be streamed, where you can monetize the song, etc.

Basically if you wanted to give your song a chance at being a hit, you needed to buy the exclusive rights.

And the exclusive rights to our best beats are usually between $1500-$2500 ???

This has been a great business model for me, since it strongly encouraged artists to spend thousands on a beat.

Exclusive rights purchases have been a big part of how Legion Beats makes money.

But…it’s not the best business model for YOU.

Because – even if you can afford to spend that much – you probably won’t have much left over to test other songs or give your songs the proper promotional push they need.

Yes, you did have the option of getting non-exclusive licenses in that past, but those had limitations.

And, if someone else ended up buying the exclusive rights, you would always be stuck with those limitations.

That’s why we’re now offering UNLIMITED non-exclusive licenses.

So, instead of giving us thousands for one beat, you can actually get unlimited rights to multiple beats for about 1/10th the cost…

…and still have money left for promo, mixing & mastering, and all the other things you need to be successful.

You’ll still be able to get unlimited licenses for $199 each after today.

But…today is the last day to get THREE unlimited licenses for $199.

If you’re serious about starting to treat your music like a business, this is the time to take advantage of this deal.

But before you do, I need to mention that I don’t think everyone should take advantage of this deal.

Even though $199 for unlimited rights to 3 beats is an incredible discount, it may not be what you need right now.

So who shouldn’t take advantage of this deal?

1. If you are struggling to put food on the table for yourself or your family, save your money. There are more important things you need to worry about.

2. If you know you’re definitely not going to hit any of the limitations of our cheaper licenses (you can get a basic license for just $29.99) then you really don’t need this. You should only get this if you think you have a chance of going over those limits. With a basic license, you’re allowed 5,0000 streams. If you’ve never gotten that many streams before and you’re not trying anything new to promote it, stick with the basic license instead.

So if you fall into one of those 2 categories above, skip this deal.

⏳ If that doesn’t describe you, though – this is the time to act ⏳

⏳ This is the time to stop having any limits on the success of your music ⏳

We’ve never made an offer like this before and probably never will again.

So – if this offer is right for you –  head over to our homepage at now and select 3 unlimited licenses – it could be one of the best investments you’ve made yet in your career!


➡ This Offer Is Right For Me!